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Do you regularly recognize your employees for their efforts?  Failing to do so can be a detriment to your company. Employee recognition is more than just a nice step to take. It helps to create bonds with your employees and will give them a sense of being valued. It will also encourage them to stick around, doing their best work for you.

Most employees want you to value their work and be impressed with them. By going out of your way to acknowledge their efforts, their self-worth will be reinforced and it will be a meaningful step in the process of developing a solid relationship.

Employee recognition not only helps to build morale but will positively impact your organization. To help with the success of your company, consider these important tips when it comes to recognizing your workers.

Make Everyone Eligible

Do not single out any individuals or groups of employees. This does not mean you need to recognize everybody at the same time – that would almost make employee recognition ineffective. But it is important to make sure you are not leaving anyone out.

Make It Known What You Are Rewarding

It is important to lay out which actions or behaviors you are recognizing and/or rewarding. If you give clear pictures of what kind of work you offer recognition for, more people will strive to meet that level, resulting in greater productivity.

Offer Rewards

Rewards as incentives go a long way. You can offer rewards to the individual who performs at a high level or perhaps you will enter the names of individuals who did well on a project into a drawing. It is important that you are clear from the beginning how many people will win and how it will happen (drawing, highest amount of leads, etc.).

Publicize Achievements

This does not need to be done every time you offer rewards to your employees but it is important to recognize employees by sharing their noteworthy achievements with the rest of the company. You can do this in company emails, during team meetings or on a board that is regularly seen.

Treat Everybody On Occasion

Employee recognition does not always mean that only one or two will receive merit. Did your whole team work together to complete a particular project or deadline? Treat all of your employees. Take everyone out for lunch. Give them a half day. Toss some gift cards into their mailboxes.

Do Not Always Choose Winners Yourself

If a manager is the only one who is choosing who will receive rewards or recognition individuals within the company may begin to suspect a form of managerial favoritism is going on. This is why drawings can be helpful at times or you can delegate recognition tasks to other members on your team. This helps to keep anyone from growing suspicious or bitter (whether it is truly warranted or not).

Effective employee recognition can be a great strategy to foster positive company values within each individual while making your employees feel needed. Motivated people work harder, increasing company morale and productivity as a whole.