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Before  Bold Retail launched the AttaCoin brand, we spend 6 months interviewing business leaders to understand their team building practices and priorities. Fortunately, one of our founders had spent years in the business world both as an executive and later as a consultant so we had many, many people willing to provide us input.

What we heard was incredibly consistent. Above all else, business leaders valued 5 key behaviors and attributes in their employees. We used these attributes as the basis for our  thank you coins.

  • Creativity and Ideas : We always start the list with creativity and ideas since these, ultimately, lead to the great innovations that make lives better. With ideas, we get new products and services. Creativity also helps us find better, more efficient ways of doing the things we already do. It's critical to recognize that   creativity means risk. Employees who put themselves out there with something new are demonstrating not only their creativity but also their bravery.
  • Mastery:  Craftsmanship counts. To be successful you need your employees to get better at their jobs every day. This doesn't happen by accident - it's deliberate. An employee dedicated to mastery will carefully observe more experienced employees, will take advantage of training opportunities, and will practice and study to make themselves better. This extra effort needs to be encouraged - doing so will give others something to aspire to.
  • Leadership:  This attribute was the most frequently mentioned by the managers and executives we interviewed and for good reason. Leadership channels and amplifies individual capability and effort toward a common goal. There are "natural leaders" in the world, but every successful leader works hard at it. It's easy to forget to recognize the leaders on your team but they need it - they're choosing to carry a big burden for the team.
  • Effort ("Going Above and Beyond"): If everyone did exactly what was asked and no more, we'd live in a very bland world. It takes pride and character to do that little bit extra and it makes all the difference. While many employees who exhibit this behavior are intrinsically motivated, noticing their effort is an important affirmation and lets them know that you're every bit as thoughtful as they were.
  • Teamwork:  Last, but certainly not least, is teamwork. Teamwork is hard because it means, by definition, compromise. To be on a team you sacrifice some of your individuality for the greater good and that can be difficult especially for star performers who are used to having the spotlight. Teamwork is a kind of leadership and is always deserving of your notice.

Whether you use AttaCoin Tokens or not, we're confident that you'll have a successful recognition program by focusing on these 5 attributes. We look forward to hearing about your successes!